by ScooterJinx

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released 17 March 2014
Mixed by ScooterJinx and Ethan Davis
Mastered by Ethan Davis
Album art by Jay Jadick and Dylan Hansen
Photography by Dane Mainella



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Repeat Thru
The only kind
Of you
I know

Is the one
In my
Track Name: Shapes Underneath
I look in the
I look in the sun
And trace the light
Behind my eyes
Track Name: Empty Shell
This mess I've come into
Is taking in my oxygen
And sleeping Peacefully

This mess is split in two
Taking in my hardened mind
And living off my soul
Leaving me an empty shell
Track Name: Am I Speaking Alone
Are you gonna listen to me
Are you gonna hear my words
Or am I speaking alone
Am I speaking alone?

Is it gonna be bad again
Because you didn’t understand
Are you gonna listen to me
Or bounce out again
Track Name: (Shine) A Light On Me
The running water leaves the tap
A prisoner of the well
The glow from a bulb
Clings to the walls
Staying free from the black

Keep me turned on
Shine a light on
Keep me glowing
Track Name: Flame Behind Your Eyes
The Glowing Flame behind your eyes
Is a chest of lies
And the blood underneath your nose
You owe to me
Track Name: Stomping Grounds
In this beautiful place
I forget about you
And I see how small
We really are

I want to restart
I want to play it smart
But I’m too small
To go on alone
Track Name: We Never Left
With the drugs you take
And the cloud im on
We’ll meet somewhere
In the sky

We can play our parts
And make our art
And live like
We never left
Track Name: Live Free Again
The final day alone
Up here with you
And were shedding off
Our leather skin
And the tears we hid
We’ll drive away
And think about the sun

I feel like I’ve aged
And hundred years or so
Since seeing you again
The bags beneath my eyes
They weigh me down
I got fucked up enough
To smash my inner walls

I needed you to say
You needed me again
So I could put my shame to rest
And live free again
But free again means
You there by my side

I wanted you to know
How hard it’s really been
Since you drove away and left behind
Your biggest fan alive
I know that I’m selfish
But I know you need me too
Track Name: Brotherwoods
I found my friends again in the Brotherwoods
I found my friends again in the Brotherwoods

Isolation in the air
Flows through the trees everywhere
I found my friends again
In the Brotherwoods

Like a seed blown off a tree
Floating insecurities
I hit the ground and die
But sprout something new